eBook: LawBillity Guide to Law Firm Software

Time Tracking & Billing Solutions For Legal Professional

As a legal professional, your time is valuable — but only if you track it. Experts estimate that lawyers lose 10-30% of billable hours by not accurately recording their time. That can add up to tens of thousands of dollars lost every year from inadequate timekeeping. But how are you supposed to track time accurately when you’re running between your office, meetings and the courtroom? Or when you’re checking in on clients from the road, or finishing work at home at the end of the day? 

Finding the right law firm software can be challenging but you do have options. The search for attorney time tracking and legal billing software can be simple, if you know what to look for. In this eBook, we’ll explore those challenges and offer some solutions that will help you in your search for the right law firm software.


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"LawBillity is a powerful program that has many features to assist attorneys and their staff to track billable hours and issue invoices. I would recommend this App to any attorney/office manager looking for a timekeeping system."

- Laura Keedy