Legal Time Tracking

When you bill by the minute every second counts! Don’t lose valuable time by using outdated tracking methods. Easily track time anywhere, anytime against clients and/or matters.

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How to Boost Productivity & Profitability in Your Law Firm

Learn How to Boost Productivity & Profitability in Your Law Firm



Update your manual timekeeping and say goodbye to your  spreadsheet or paper timesheets. With LawBillity all your hours are recorded online, backed up to the cloud and auto-save across devices. 

The weekly timesheet allows you to enter time in blocks, copy a previous timesheet and it also includes mini timers within the timesheet for detailed and accurate timekeeping.


Never miss another billable second with timers! In one click all your time will be tracked against a matter and/or client – you can assign a service item, write a description and mark as billable or non-billable.

And when you’re in the middle of something and your phone rings (as it always does) promptly start a second timer in one-click. The other timer will pause while you take your call and when you hang up you can log the time against the call, and easily resume your other timer.


Approvals and leave requests

Your legal team can track and submit their hours for approval, the manager (or admin) can reject, edit or approve before submitting for payroll.

Paid and unpaid leave requests are also easily tracked with LawBillity. When a request is submitted a notification is sent to their manager (or admin) who can approve or reject the request.

Real-time GPS tracking

Avoid invoice disputes and ensure there are no discrepancies when invoicing travel time and expenses. With LawBillity’s GPS tracking you can view the location of your lawyers in real-time and when the time entry is saved the coordinates are saved too adding accountability and safeguards to your billable hours.

Email alerts

Reminders & notifications

Reduce your administration by creating auto alerts and reminders that are triggered based on rules you set – timesheet reminder email every Friday or overtime alert when someone has clocked too many hours this month.

Mobile apps

Lawyers are always on the go! Track travel time, or time in court, with our free mobile apps for IOS or Android. No internet? No worries. Track time offline and sync when you reconnect to the internet.


Legal billing & invoicing

Accurate time tracking is most important when billing your client for legal hours worked on their case. Turn tracked time into branded LEDES & LSS invoice formats in a few clicks from any device and sync with QuickBooks. Create invoice payment terms, select currency and apply late fees to invoices. Apply payments to your invoices from trust accounts which are easily managed inside of LawBillity.

Legal expense tracking

Receipts can easily get lost and never be recorded. Small expenses add up over the year and can cost your law firm substantially. Make sure all legal expenses are tracked against a matter so you can be reimbursed. 

Expenses are easy to track by taking a photo of the receipt and attaching it to a matter, use pre-loaded UTBMS codes or customize your own expense categories.

Expense Entry

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Try LawBillity time and billing software for 14 days and improve your utilization, realization and collection rates. No credit card required.

LawBillity and LawPay integration

Online payments

FREE LawPay subscription ($20/month savings!)*

Get paid faster with online electronic LawPay payments. Automatically add a payment link to every invoice. Similar to Paypal, LawPay allows your law firm to accept all major debit and credit cards. Using LawPay? LawBillity integrates seamlessly.

*Transaction fees apply.


Running a law firm can be a challenge, especially if you have no way of knowing why you are not as profitable as you would like to be. Detailed reporting will help to identify how to increase profitability and productivity. Set-up valuable law firm insight reports to be sent right to your inbox on a set schedule to measure the efficiency of staff, matters and clients. You can also view reports in real-time, so you always have your finger on the pulse of your law firm.

Time rounding

Time rounding

Client portal

Client portal

Custom dashboard

Custom Dashboard





Invoice tracking

Add on eBillity’s Invoice Tracker to LawBillity and collect overdue payments. Connect and sync invoices to automate accounts receivable and save admin time chasing down unpaid bills. Setup Invoice Tracker to email out branded email reminders so you don’t have to. Invoice Tracker also syncs automatically with QuickBooks so emails stop sending as soon as a payment is made. Get Invoice Tracker free with your LawBillity subscription!

Prices start at


per user / month

Sign up now and get a free subscription to Invoice Tracker with your LawBillity subscription.

Integrations & Apps

Integrate LawBillity with QuickBooks and Invoice Tracker, use our free apps for iOS, Android and integrations with Windows 10 and LawPay.

Windows 10

What our customers have to say

“Simple and easy to use software. Less time worrying about invoicing and billing and more time working toward efficiency in my legal practice. The ease of use is nice. I like the different ways in which you can organize and disseminate invoices and billing."


“Quick, easy, clear for daily tracking and any history/reports as needed. Simplicity and timeliness. I don’t lose time any more as I can instantly capture it at a moment’s notice. So easy to keep open all the time as effectively capture and see your time at a glance from any device you use.”


"There are many options to choose from and the customer support is so helpful whenever I need them. It’s very important to me to be able to get a human on the phone for help and not have to wait a long time."



Get a free trial and free support

Try LawBillity time and billing software for 14 days and improve your utilization, realization and collection rates. No credit card required.


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