Visit our getting started page for step-by-step instructions.

Assign Admin
If you need to assign someone else as an Admin from the navigation: 

Go to Admin > Settings > Manage Users > Add New User

Round billable time
You have the option to round the elapsed time from the built-in timer. The time will be rounded up to the next increment. For example: If you set the timer rounding to 6 minutes after 2 minutes elapse you will bill at 6 minutes, after 8 minutes elapses you will bill at 12 minutes etc.

Go to Admin > Timer Settings

Add different rates to matter activities
Set default hourly rates for each billable matter activity. 

Go to Admin > Customize > Click on an Activity > Choose Flat Rate or Hourly from the dropdown > Fill in Rate Amount > Click on Save

Setup UTBMS billing codes
UTBMS billing codes are built into LawBillity. To use these codes for billing you need to enable them. To enable:

Go to Admin > Settings > Firm Settings > Click on Yes UTBMS Patent Billing Codes > Save

Time entry approvals
Manage submitted time from one convenient location; edit, reject for improvement or approve before billing your clients or syncing with your connected software (if enabled). To enable:

Go to Admin > Settings > System

Once enabled to review submitted time:

Go to Entries > Manage Team Entries

Admin expense approvals
If you would like an Admin to approve expense entries before they can be included in a finalized invoice the Admin needs to enable this. 

Go to Admin > System > Approve/Unapprove Expense Entries > Enable > Save

Customize timers
LawBillity’s flexible time tracking allows your team to track time with timesheets or timers, including multiple timers.

Timers / multi-timers
Multiple timers are ideal to capture utilization time on the days with constant interruption. To run multiple concurrent timers:

Go to Admin > Timer Settings > Time Options

Setup Reminders
Reduce your administration by creating auto alerts and reminders that are triggered based on rules you set. E.g. timesheet reminder email every Friday.

Go to Admin > Settings > Notifications

Once you add a new user, they will be sent an email with their log-in information. If you are on a monthly plan your account will be charged $30/month/user or save 20% by switching to an annual plan.

Go to Admin > Settings > Manage Users > Add New User

Your LawBillity dashboard is customizable, easily select and prioritize the information you see:

  1. Click on the settings icon to configure your dashboard 
  2. Drag and drop to order and position 
  3. Mouse over the header area to view shortcut icons

here are a few ways to track time in LawBillity with timesheets or timers, but first you need to add a client and/or matter to track time against. 

Importing Files
If you use a spreadsheet to track your team, clients, and matters you can import the file into LawBillity in just a few clicks. In order to import clients, you’ll need to visit the Client tab in the navigation menu and click on the Client List subtab. From there, under the orange Add Client button you’ll see the blue link titled Import from CSV.

Add a Client
Add your client to the client list. 

Go to Client > Client List > Add Client

While you’re adding clients, you can also assign matter activities and billing rates. If you need to create more go to: 

Matter > Add Matter

The weekly timesheet allows you to enter time in blocks or run a timer within the timesheet. 

Go to Entries > Weekly Timesheets

You can run a timer both on desktop and through our mobile app. On desktop to start a timer: 

Go to Create > Time Entry > Add time entry information > Click on Start

You can then Stop or Pause the timer at any time. Make sure that you click on Save.  Another way to access the timer is through the sidebar icon. If the icon is green the timer is running.


You can track expenses from our mobile app or through your LawBillity subscription.

Add receipts to LawBillity
Using your mobile device take a photo of your receipt. (If you haven’t downloaded the mobile app, now is a good time to do so go to the App Store, or Google Play.

Go to Create New > Expense Entry

Select the client you want to track the expense to and then the project. Under the expense description choose the expense and then type in the description. If the expense should include tax click on the yes tab under taxable and add the tax percentage. Click on the + sign to save the expense. 

Be tax compliant
Apply custom UTBMS expense codes to your receipts for accurate digital filing, storing and tax reporting.

Add an expense to an invoice
If you want the expense to show up on the invoice, when adding a new expense select yes beside reimbursable. Add a copy of the expense receipt by clicking on the add file next to the attachment (If you didn’t already add them through the mobile app!).

Tracking time makes it easy to send out client invoices in only a few minutes.

Go to Create New > Invoice

  1. Select the client you want to invoice from the client dropdown
  2. Select the payment terms from the payment terms dropdown (e.g. net 30 days)
  3. Add a description in the description field
  4. Select your time entries by selecting the project from the project dropdown, choose the date range and click on search
  5. You can click on each time entry to make revisions if require
  6. Once you are happy with the invoice, click Save Pre-Bill. The Pre-Bill is a chance to review the invoice before you send it. Notice a mistake? Just click on the line item and you can do in-line edits! Once it looks good click Finalize.
  7. You can send your invoice by clicking on the box next to the invoice and clicking on email or print it out and mail it by clicking on print.

You can generate invoices and receive payments from our mobile app too!

You must have a LawPay account to allow LawBillity to accept payments on your behalf. If you don’t have a LawPay account go to Admin > Payment Gateway > LawPay and click on the application form and fill it out (it may take up to 48-hours to process). Please note the currency you select in LawPay must be the same as your LawBillity account to avoid payments being rejected.

*LawBillity will waive the $20/month subscription fee, however credit card transaction fees will apply.

Here is how you can integrate LawBillity and LawPay:

Go to Admin > Payment Gateway > LawPay

Click on Connect with LawPay and Sign In. Once you sign in and go back to LawBillity you should see a Connected Successfully message at the top.

Take Credit Cards Over The Phone or In-Person

Go to Billing > Client Payments > Payment Method > LawPay > Fill in Credit Card Info > Process Payment

If you would like to take payments from a trust account, you will need to add trust accounts. 

Go to Billing > Trust Accounts > Add Trust Account > Fill out Fields > Add Bank Account > Save

Here is how you can provide access to your clients to view time and expenses, as well as be able to make payments or purchase pre-paid hours. To enable:

Go to Clients > Client List > Choose Client > Edit Client > Click on Grant this Contact Access to the Client Portal > Save

An email will then be sent to your client providing them with their login credentials.

LawBillity syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks. If you don’t have a QuickBooks account, you can sign-up for one through the process below.

Go to More > Integrations > Click on Desktop or Online > Integrate QuickBooks > Click on Integrate with QuickBooks Accounting or Integrate with QuickBooks Accounting & Payroll > Sign-in to Your QuickBooks

All reports are live and editable, reports can be exported into nine formats and you can have reports sent automatically based on rules you create.

Go to Dashboard > Reports

Would you like to automatically receive daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly customized reports via email? Or save specific filter combinations so you can quickly generate new reports? First, select the items you want reported then click the Add Custom Report button to set your delivery options.

At the end of your 14-day free trial you will need to activate your subscription by clicking on activate within your account and providing payment details. If you chose annual subscription when you started your trial, you will be charged for the entire year and will save 20%! You can add your payment information at any time during your trial, but payment will not be processed until after your free trial ends. 

Yes! If you choose annual billing, you can save 20%.

Yes, at any time you can switch to monthly from annual billing and vice versus. Click on your account name in the top right and then on Subscription, click on Monthly or Annual Billing and then click Update Subscription.

Our support is always free! You can phone, email or chat with us during business hours. We also offer free webinars, or you can book a time with one of our LawBillity Specialists.

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