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Simple and easy to use software. Less time worrying about invoicing and billing and more time working toward efficiency in my legal practice. The ease of use is nice. I like the different ways in which you can organize and disseminate invoices and billing.

Matthew K

I find it very easy to navigate (particularly re: creating new clients and tracking time) I like the ease in which I can create new clients, and enter time. Particularly the pop out time tracker, which I can interface with separate and apart from the website.

Christian S

I use this as an assistant to an attorney. It is a great way to track his hours. It is user friendly. I enter my boss’s hours into the program for him. I can use it to easily track his hours per week or per client. It is nice to be able to quickly bring up a report on his hours when he asks.

Laura B
Legal Assistant

Quickbooks integration and the easy to use pop out web timer. I also appreciate the webhooks although I do not actually make use of them it is nice that they are available. The API is a great tool to take advantage of if you have the resources to use it.

Phil B
Business Analyst

Quick, easy, clear for daily tracking and any history/reports as needed. Simplicity and timeliness. I don’t lose time any more as I can instantly capture it at a moment’s notice. So easy to keep open all the time as effectively capture and see your time at a glance from any device you use.

Thomas J

It has been very convenient for our office and we’ve managed to keep bill pay under control. I love that you can sync it with Quickbooks. We struggled to find a software that was compatible with QB and was easy enough to work with as far as entering time, keeping track of clients, etc. This has been so simple and workable for everyone in our office.

Andria M
Legal Assistant

It is easy to use for our employees, which is most important to us. It is easy to explain to our employees, and it integrates very well for billing and payroll purposes. Customer service is always friendly and extremely helpful.

Brianne R
Administrative Assistant

The thing I like the most about Time Tracker is that it’s user friendly. The icons are all readily identifiable and explain what they are when you highlight them. I also like the fact that it automatically saves your time each and every time you enter something. If you mess up you can also unsubmit your time and modify and mistakes.

Brandon W
Oil & Gas Attorney

I like that you can view your entire week on one page when entering time. The site is set up where you view one week at a time and can organize by the different columns, like by day or by client. This allows me to properly build off prior entry when continuing work on jobs, and can easily copy and paste from prior entries if continuing a project.

Nicole V
e-Discovery Specialist

There are many options to choose from and the customer support is so helpful whenever I need them. It’s very important to me to be able to get a human on the phone for help and not have to wait a long time.

Lucia D

I used this program at a different firm and when my new firm was looking for a billing system, I researched a few. This is just what we needed and at a reasonable price. Once set up, easy to use; great for multiple users who are in various locations; customer service is very good.

Caroline W

The best thing I like about this software is that I can easily generate an invoice with my logo so it looks personal and professional. The user interface is intuitive and it’s not difficult to find what you need in order to accomplish your task. I also like that there’s an app so I can track my time when I am not in the office. This software is great and I highly recommend!

Caroline S

Time Tracker provides a good overall framework for billing clients. It syncs with Quickbooks which I am able to use to produce bills directly, bypassing a separate billing/accounting program. This has proven to be a good solution for my small law firm at a reasonable price.

Barbara F

This software is very user friendly and easy to learn. It keeps track of errors and the shortcut key features you can implement are a time saver.

Elizabeth L

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