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Improve productivity and profitability with LawBillity. Save up to 30+ hours a month in admin and increase your law firm’s revenue.

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How to Boost Productivity & Profitability in Your Law Firm

Learn How to Boost Productivity & Profitability in Your Law Firm

Track time on the go

Free mobile apps for iOS and Android

Conveniently and accurately track time and expenses for legal matters from any mobile device on and off-line. Includes built-in legal features:

  • Conflict checker
  • Trust accounts
  • LEDES & LSS invoice formats
  • Realization reports
  • UTBMS patent billing codes

Time is money

Accurately track time down to the second

Realization rates are below average for law firms indicating that the amount a law firm invoices is lower than the amount of billable work performed. A primary indication that accurate timekeeping is not being managed within the firm. LawBillity offers flexible and customizable time tracking options making it simple to record every billable second, from any device, anywhere.

Improve utilization rates

Increase revenue by increasing billable hours

With lawyers averaging only 2.5 hours per day on billable work there is room to improve utilization rates and increase profitability. Boosting lawyer productivity starts with accurately tracking time and understanding what billable and unbillable tasks are being completed. With LawBillity you’re able to run detailed reports to find out what lawyers are billing the most hours.

Bill for all your time

Turn tracked time into branded invoices

Invoicing your legal clients is easy with LawBillity. Turn tracked time into accurate client invoices in a few clicks. Export your invoices in either LEDES or LSS formats, for easy import into other systems. Apply payments to your invoices from trust accounts which are easily managed inside of LawBillity.

Receive online payments

Connect LawPay for FREE ($20/month savings!)*

Receive online payments instantly when you connect LawPay and/or setup ACH electronic payments. Payment links are automatically added to your invoices for fast 24/7 online payments. Clients can login to your branded client portal to view work, outstanding invoices, and pay bills online.

*Transaction fees apply.

Get paid faster

And improve your collection rates

Improve collection rates by sending invoice reminders with our Invoice Tracker add-on. Invoice Tracker's automatic email reminders follow up on unpaid invoices so you don’t have to helping with cash flow and getting you paid faster. Get it free with your LawBillity subscription.

Prices start at


per user / month

Sign up now and get a free subscription to Invoice Tracker with your LawBillity subscription.

Integrations & Apps

Integrate LawBillity with QuickBooks and Invoice Tracker, use our free apps for iOS, Android and integrations with Windows 10 and LawPay.

Windows 10

What our customers have to say

“The best thing I like about this software is that I can easily generate an invoice with my logo, so it looks personal and professional. The user interface is intuitive and it's not difficult to find what you need in order to accomplish your task. I also like that there's an app so I can track my time when I am not in the office. This software is great, and I highly recommend!"


“I used this program at a different firm and when my new firm was looking for a billing system, I researched a few. This is just what we needed and at a reasonable price. Once setup it is easy to use and great for multiple users who are in various locations.”

Carolyn W

“This software is very user friendly and easy to learn. It keeps track of errors and the shortcut key features you can implement are a time saver.”



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